From October 2016 to August 2017 we travelled 10,000 km across Asia by bicycle and raised awareness of two major issues: gender inequality and the need for sustainable energy. We met organisations and individuals who work in the social sector, with a focus on social enterprises, businesses that re-invest their profits to further a social cause. We saw how social enterprise can provide a more sustainable tool for development than simply a reliance on charitable support or donations.

The purpose of Gearing Up is to encourage people to understand the challenges faced by others: this understanding is an essential foundation of collective responsibility.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about the original Gearing Up expedition or the Gearing Up Social Adventure Fund; we are happy to provide further information, insights and advice to the social sector in Asia and beyond.

Our social media accounts, and this website, remain active to support journeys undertaken by Gearing Up Social Adventure Fund beneficiaries.

Katie Moss and Joseph Thomas, Berlin, May 2018

Two images: The first, a 10Wp solar home system installed in a rural off-grid household in Meghalaya, India. The second, a 10MWp solar power plant in Thailand, recently completed and connected to the grid.

In peak conditions, the Thai plant is able to produce 1,000,000 times the quantity of power as the Indian solar home system.  But this is no help to those who live off-grid – they need to generate their own electricity, and in the case above just enough to power three LED bulbs overnight.