Starting in October 2016 we will cycle from Vietnam to Nepal meeting charities and social enterprises working in two fields: sustainable energy and education of women and girls.

We believe engaging others to understand the challenges being faced around the world is an essential foundation to taking a collective responsibility. No longer do individual countries and nation states live in isolation: we are one global community.

Therefore we want to encourage others to act. We will embark on a journey during which we will meet inspiring people, small charities and innovative social enterprises, each working in their own unique way to improve the lives of those around them. We will write about them, sharing their stories through articles and photographs that we will publish in media outlets to inspire others to act and play their part.

We will gain a better understanding and bigger appreciation for the challenges faced by people and organisations across the continent and the ingenuity with which these are being tackled.

Although bicycles are not the quickest way to travel, we have chosen them as they are a low-impact, low-investment and, most importantly, a sustainable mode of transport. To us they are an engine of opportunity.

How can you help us gear up?

1) Share our articles, follow us, post about us, spread the word, discuss and comment. Social media is a weird and wonderful world, let’s use it positively.

2) Tell us about organisations and people we may want to know about, meet, write about and work with in the countries we will visit.

3) If you are aligned with our philosophy of encouraging sustainability, have services or products that you want promoted and would be of use to us, please get in touch!