Gearing Up began in 2016 with a 10,000 km cycle expedition from Vietnam to Nepal to raise awareness of two major issues: gender inequality and the need for sustainable energy. Gearing Up is now proud to introduce the:

Gearing Up Social Adventure Fund

The fund was been established by the founders of Gearing Up to encourage others to embark on their own social adventures.

Previous recipients of support from the fund are Jasmine Nguyen and Andrés Parraguirre. They joined forces in 2018 to work on a project that aimed to explore innovative and unique practices in education that prepare youth for 21st century challenges. Their expedition was to India, where they spent three months investigating educational projects, environmental sustainability and spirituality.


One benefit for participants of GUSAF is the chance to produce reports that document their learnings.

Access to Jasmine and Andres’s  Lessons Learned and Organisations Report is available here.

Access to Jasmine’s Personal Development Report is available here.

Please message us on Facebook if you have any questions.

With thanks to Persephone Books for their support.

Some photos from Gearing Up’s Original Expedition